Andri Pétur
performer - programmer - producer



A 24 year old Icelandic musician, living in the Netherlands with his fiancée. He studies klank ontwerp at the Utrecht university of the arts. His interests include music, literature and programming.

Andri begun his journey in music when he started taking violin lessons at the ripe age of 9, with the intention of becoming the next Mozart. At 12 years old he started to teach himself to play guitar and decided it would be more appropriate in this day and age to become the next Kurt Cobain. But after dabbling with heavy metal and having overcome most of his teenage angst, he considered that the british invasion would be a more appropriate, and took after general Lennon and co. Followed by the discovery of beats and bohemians, adapting ever increasingly deep lyrics and big brimmed hat, because Bob Dylan had it right all along. But then he saw the light and discovered drum machines, synthesizers, DAW's and the undepletable energy of LCD Soundsystem, maybe after all electronic music was the way to go? And somewhere in between these waves of mut(il)ation he also managed to get over excited by Eminem, Miles Davis, Howling Wolf & The Bad Plus alongside countless of other trends.
Having gone through the works of music styles he managed (or so he chooses to believe), to come out as a whole person on the other end with a love for all styles and genres. He now hand picks his inspiration from each style as he sees fit. The do it yourself attitude of punk, the fantasy filled lyrics of Cave & Waits, the groove of blues and the extravaganza of disco.
With a less is more attitude towards productions, he hopes to to inspire with his music, like he continues to be inspired by his heroes and idols.



  • Music

  • production
  • improvisation
  • guitar, bass, vocals
  • sampling
  • synthesis
  • Programming

  • supercollider
  • javascript
  • c++
  • python
  • pure data
  • max msp
  • Languages

  • icelandic
  • english
  • dutch



Utrecht school of the arts
Audio design


Fonty’s Taalcentrum
Intensieve cursus Nederlands (Dutch language course)


Menntaskólinn á Ísafirði
Stúdentspróf (Matriculation examination)

Work Experience


Tónlistarskólinn á Ísafirði
Guitar teacher and electronic music teacher.


Grunnskólinn á Ísafirði
Programming, music and guitar teacher.




Bræðraborg Kaffihús/cafe
Summerjob as a barista.


Restaurants KB52 and Het Berlage.
A dishwasher 3-4 evenings a week.


Icelandic mud-soccer association
Editor of their homepage


Westfjord heritage museum


Library of Ísafjörður
Work with school as a librarian