Papers written while studying at HKU. I'm hoping this page will grow in the future. Since papers are a nice way to make the research for a project accessible to others.

The Red Thread

This ink on paper (or dark pixels on light background) is the documentation of the search for the little red thread that might make all of this make sense. As selfish as it seems it’s mostly meant for myself, and possibly others to help understand my artistic motivations. Current trains of thought that hurl through my mind. My inability to adhere to strict research principles and scientific methods might cause the occasional outburst and random musings on life.

Chaos in music

This paper dips its toes into the deep subject that is algorithmic composition with chaotic systems. I extracted the explanation on chaos from various sources. Methods of connecting it to algorithmic composition stem mostly from my own ex-perimentations in the subject with great influences from my teachers M. IJzerman, M. Wierckx, M. Groenewegen & G. van Wolferen. Who have given me valuable insights on the subject of algorithmic composition during multiple projects for System Design for Sound and Music (S.O.G.M.).